October 5, 2022
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‘The Hunter’: Solo EP reveals fresh sound

While his day job as Bloc Party’s frontman is still in limbo during the band’s hiatus, Kele Okereke released his second solo EP in his free time.

On “The Hunter,” he hones his style and puts forth a more cohesive compilation in comparison to his previous effort.

With this new EP, Kele separates himself from his British alternative-rock pedigree to create a collection of groovy house tracks.

The standout track “Love As a Weapon” showcases Kele’s harmonious pairing of classical elements such as piano with pounding synthesizers and even machine gun fire. He samples “Unholy Thoughts” from his previous EP, which provides a welcome sense of cohesion between the two releases.

Kele has proven he remains a strong musician even when out on his own. Should Bloc Party continue its hiatus, he will still have no problem delivering refreshing music to his listeners.