October 3, 2022
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Third album leaves fans nostalgic for former sound

Loyal fans of Cold War Kids will find themselves disappointed with the band’s third album release, “Mine is Yours.”

Changing their direction within the indie rock genre, the foursome lacks musical depth and variety. Following the success of their former albums “Robbers and Cowards” and “Loyalty to Loyalty,”  “Mine is Yours,” simply fades into the background.

Taking a nod from Kings of Leon, listeners can’t help but pick up on an odd similarity between the two bands. But it’s no coincidence. Kings of Leon producer Jacquire King collaborated with Cold War Kids — a move that proves to be influential.

“Finally Begin” opens with a hum-worthy guitar line and a solid beat. But as soon as lead singer Nathan Willett comes in with the rocky vocals, listeners cannot help but feel nostalgic for the band’s previous albums. It’s hard to fathom that the same band produced original singles such as “Hospital Beds” and “Hang Me Up to Dry,” which announced their presence with guitar and piano-infused instrumentals.

Showcasing the much-anticipated and fervent vocals of Willett, however brief, “Louder Than Ever” serves as a good opening act for the stand-out track “Bulldozer,” which momentarily prevails over the album’s clear monotony with its vigor and brawn to rescue “Mine is Yours.”

Struggling to recreate the rhythmic and sultry sound that once defined the band, Cold War Kids seems lost in its skin and hesitant throughout. The lackluster quality of the album shows the group’s inability to embrace its newly conceived sound. Sadly, “Mine is Yours” is nothing listeners have not heard before, ultimately rendering the album average.

2 out of 4 stars