March 30, 2023
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‘Undun’: Hip-hop group retains roots

With 13 albums released over the past 18 years, The Roots have a strong musical reputation to live up to.

“Undun” showcases the hip-hop band’s vocal abilities while incorporating thematic storytelling.

While The Roots are mostly known for their stellar live performances, the production value of “Undun” helps the album soar. This is the group’s first concept album, and the messages presented are meaningful. The album tells the story of a man reflecting on his life as a criminal and the moments in which he is most self-aware.

“Undun” slides through different genres, from funk to classical. It’s a short album — roughly 39 minutes long — that leaves the listener wanting more. The use of multiple guest rappers, including Dice Raw, also makes the story less effective than if told through a singular voice.

As more than just a musical compilation, The Roots’ “Undun” is an illustration of the originality of hip-hop when put into the right artists’ hands.

3.5 stars out of 4.