April 1, 2023
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‘Wavves’ chills at low tide

Nathan Williams, also known as Wavves, is known for noisy, confused GarageBand projects.The subject matter on his new album, “King of the Beach,” varies little from that of his past, though there is an undeniably positive change in the music.

This album is delivered with more clarity and focus in sound. Williams’ accompaniment, Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes, punk rocker Jay Reatard’s former bandmates, help pull together Wavves’ carefully refined lo-fi style.

The punk, “So-Cal” attitude is endearing, showcased by short, high-energy songs with arrogant vocals that keep heads bopping. The opening track, “King of the Beach,” encapsulates a summertime carelessness reminiscent of The Beach Boys.

However, if listeners are looking for deep messages hidden in Williams’ writing, they won’t find them. This album is truly what it seems to be on the surface — a fun album embodying a beach-loving, adolescent lifestyle.