March 24, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 39°F


Across the pond

I’ll be going to the London Center next semester. It’s really exciting, of course. I’ve never been to Europe before and this coming semester should allow me to attend an English Premiere League game and English cricket and rugby games as well as just generally experience the sensation of what it’s like to be in a city right before it hosts the Olympics. Still, there are some things I will miss about American sports while I’m gone. Namely


  • The Super Bowl. I’m sure I’ll be able to access this in London too but there really is nothing like being at a Super Bowl party when the game’s really good. Watching the moment in Super Bowl XLIV when Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints decided to open the second half with an onside kick was a moment meant for Emerson Suites.
  • Watching Buffalo Sabres games…oh who am I kidding? The cable in the dorm lounges isn’t good enough to get MSG anyhow so I’ll survive with the Internet anyhow.
  • Opening Day of MLB.
  • The beginning of the MLB playoffs. Unfortunately it seems more and more likely that we’ll all miss the start of the NBA playoffs and with them, the rest of the entire season.
  • March Madness-Cornell’s much more likely to make the Big Dance than Oxford and Cambridge, right?