November 26, 2022
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Another year, another increase

OK, we know the drill. The economy is still hurting. Private colleges are losing money. So, tuition at Ithaca College must increase. Yeah, it’s only a 4.7 percent increase — let’s not forget the smallest since 2002 — but an increase is still an increase. And that means, next year’s tuition and room and board will be at $48,132 compared to $45,944 this year. So, is Ithaca College worth it?

It’s not just IC that is hiking tuition. So far, I have read of only one college that is taking the bold step to decrease tuition. Most colleges feel as if they have no choice. Even state schools, because of state funding being cut, are increasing tuition.

Over at Penn State University, where tuition is expected to rise, students recently marched across campus voicing their grievances.

So what about Ithaca College students? Are you upset about a tuition increase? Do you feel as if your IC education is worth $48,132? How are you going to deal with the increase?

I do know one thing: as much as I want to put off paying back my student loans, I’m thankful I won’t be a freshman next year. Can you even imagine what tuition will be when the class of 2015 graduates?