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Touring the college experience

By | Apr 25, 2012

Regardless of the size of a college campus, prospective college students feel overwhelmed as they visit possible destinations for their future study, work and living environments. Their visit to campus is where the organizational and informational duties of a campus tour guide come in.

Colleges counterproductive by withholding transcripts

By | Apr 20, 2012

It’s no secret that student loan repayment has been a vicious never-ending cycle since the economic recession began almost five years ago. But it is colleges and universities that are currently making it difficult for students in debt rather than the banks that were bailed out.

Raising awareness of campus shootings

By | Apr 17, 2012

When I first heard about the shooting at Oikos University earlier this month that killed seven students, it stood out to me as one of the most devastating killing sprees on a college campus since the Virginia Tech incident in 2007. Out of the school shootings that have made headlines the past few years Oikos…

Sadness to the madness

By | Mar 30, 2012

One of the biggest spectacles in college sports will take place Saturday when the Final Four tips off from New Orleans. Kentuckians and the national media are already dubbing the first game between University of Kentucky and University of Louisville as the Final Four Civil War. But outside of niche areas such as the Bluegrass…

Marriage market for college graduates creates further class divisions

By | Mar 26, 2012

I’d like to think that I’m part of a majority of millenials when I say my parents first met while they were in college — even if they are both alumni of Ithaca College’s biggest football rival SUNY-Cortland. But a recent study by Cornell University and UCLA researchers shows that going to college actually lowers…

Public debate on research access sizzles

By | Feb 22, 2012

With a decrease in state financial aid during challenging economic times, obstacles that for-profit colleges deal with have risen annually. As America heads into the first part of an election year, the battle between the federal government and the public with academic research has heated up.

Survey uncovers political views of college freshmen

By | Feb 15, 2012

With the Republican primaries well under way, I thought it would be appropriate to examine the political views of freshman across college campuses. I can recall being caught up in the hype of the last presidential election as a freshman. I even saw the finality of Obama’s victory, as I had the privelege of attending…

A new market of personalized education

By | Feb 8, 2012

Have it your way. Customization has become integral to more institutions as the escalation of digital technology branches out to all aspects of our lives.

MLA president advocates shortened paths to doctoral degrees

By | Jan 25, 2012

With academic resources becoming more available in digital formats, scholars must write for an audience of 21st century consumers. Rapid innovation within the English language caused the Modern Language Association began to consider cutting the time it takes to earn a doctoral degree in half at their annual meeting two weeks ago. MLA President Russell…

Letter from a professor

By | Jan 20, 2012

As the Spring 2012 semester of classes begins at colleges and universities, students are not the only ones preparing for more months of classroom instruction. Professors also must begin planning their courses for an entirely new group of students. As they are drawing up their syllabi for the students, professors should  consider adding a disclaimer…

UWF recognized for having best online classes in U.S. News Report

By | Jan 19, 2012

University of West Florida was recognized for having the best online courses in the first edition of the 2012 U.S. World and News Report Top Online Education Program rankings. The ranking system was compiled using ratings from faculty credentials and training surveys, student engagement and assessment inquiries, and student services and technology rankings. All universities…

Revamped tenure system goes beyond the classroom

By | Oct 23, 2011

During the economically challenging times that institutions of higher education face, tenure is a situational aspect of employment that no longer gives faculty a free ride throughout their careers. The development of post-tenure reviews to assess performance in the classroom and relation to students has taken place during the past decade. The American Association of…