March 23, 2023
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Bisexual Attraction and the Improper Reaction

Ithaca College is known for its accepting environment that promotes self-awareness and personal growth. Once again, IC has been named one of the top 25 LGBTQ colleges in the United States by Campus Pride. I ask you this- if a school filled with young adults can accept the differences of others, why can’t the rest of the nation open up their minds as well?

A major source of stereotyping comes from the sexual orientation of bisexuality. Many people believe that bisexuals are merely “confused” or “greedy,” when in reality it is a matter of attraction. Many heterosexuals do not understand the idea of loving the same gender, but many homosexuals don’t understand how bisexuals can cross gender boundaries. Bisexuals may often feel as though they don’t fit into either the straight or the LGBT community due to the difficulties in understanding from both sides. As heterosexuals or homosexuals have specific types to which they are attracted to, bisexuals do as well. The only difference is that bisexuals cross between genders, depending on who they feel attracted to. For them, the sex of a person is less important than the connection that they feel between partners.

Other misconceptions are that bisexuals are sexually promiscuous or in a transitional phase. When in a relationship, they are as likely to remain monogamous as any gay or straight person. Fidelity is not a testament to who a person falls in love with, but rather their character and ability to maintain the bond that keeps them together. Transition or confusion is also not the case for bisexuals. Some merely do not feel as though they fit in a heterosexual or homosexual group, therefore keeping an open mind to love and cherish whomever they feel will be a good fit for them.

Greed is also a common word associated with bisexuality, which is funny when you stop to think about how ridiculous it is. People actually think that bisexuals are trying to take as many people as they can “off of the market,” which falls back into the stereotype of sexual promiscuity. I also can’t help but laugh, picturing bisexuals swooping in and “stealing” people from each gender for themselves just because they can.

I feel the need to highlight the word “attraction” again. Bisexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality- it’s all a matter of attraction. If more people can imagine sexuality as merely a matter of attraction, this world can open up their minds and see that there’s no such thing as a right or wrong sexuality. Who do you feel you can connect to, grow to love, and see yourself with? Concepts such as gender, religion, or race should not stand in the way of loving who you love.