March 27, 2023
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Career Ideas

So you want to plan a road trip? I can get you there in three steps:

Step one: Figure out where you want to go.

Step two: Look it up on Google Maps.

Step Three: Go for it! No planning needed.

See, easy as eating pie. Thinking about this, and getting a tip from my sister, my roommate and I started looking up directions from random Point As to equally random Point Bs.

If you search walking directions from Japan to China, around the 288th direction, you have to take a long series of hallways and walk ways. If you’re not into that, and would rather drive, you would have to invest in jet skis to get across the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to save your money, you could always opt for the directions from Australia to New York. Though you will need to work out before, because it requires kayaking across from Asia to Hawaii then to the West Coast. Just saying.

So what has this taught me? That my roommate and I should become trip planners for people!