April 1, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 43°F



What would you do for a Bop It and season one of the TV show, Doug? I would get on my hands and knees and make a low-budget rendition of CatDog, that’s what I would do. And did.
Will and I are the proud winners of Ithaca College’s IC After Dark event, Forever Young. The task was to make a short clip of your favorite show, and the winner received a basket of prizes.
Friday afternoon, Will approached me about the subject.
“Hey, do you want to put our butts together and dance around my house to the theme song from CatDog?” he asked.
“Of course,” I said.
I haven’t taken any production courses yet, and Will never did, so our editing skills are not the best.
“What are you guys doing?” Jen said when she walked in.
“Winning an event,” Will said.
Over the next hour, almost all of his housemates and their friends filtered in and out of the kitchen, where we were working. The video might not be amazing, but it won, which is really all that matters. And the fact that we were the only people to enter the contest had nothing to do with it.