December 8, 2022
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College Humor

I’ve never been into, though I’m not 100% sure why. Mostly because I always thought it was kind of cluttered, and I didn’t like the logo.

But when a professor sent my class a diagram from the site, I was surprised at how funny I found it.  I saw a few links posted that caught my eye, and I decided to give the site a chance.

I have officially spent the entire day on this Web site. My favorite aspect is the Very Mary Kate series. There are only 46 total episodes, so I inevitably watched most more than once, but it’s okay because they’re just so funny.

It’s a fake biography of the Olsen twins. Earlier in the week, too, their name had come across my radar randomly, when I watched an interview with their younger sister. She is called Lizzie or something, but the important thing is that I had no idea she was in existence. Naturally, I watched the movie, “New York Minute.” Then Netflix recommended a Hillary Duff movie about an aspiring journalist who has to date a lot of guys, which I also watched. Then I remembered that I should probably blog.