December 3, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 47°F


Debate: What is the best playground game?

It’s Saturday. The sun’s out, the leaves are a Crayola box, it’s Apple Fest and your favorite blogger is in the library writing this blog. And I’m sitting here thinking about fun because being in here on a 60 degree fall afternoon is about as fun as eating a spoon full of sand. Daydreaming about my glory days picking apart fools on the 4th grade basketball court. As I’m vividly remembering me dominating the recess scene, I started wondering what activity is the best pickup game. So, here you go — this is what I do on Saturday’s:

1. 4 Square. By a wide margin. Far and away the best playground game. You get to aggressively bounce balls, once you’re out you can get right back in, easy setup, variable rules (no one likes the kid who calls Bus Stop every single freaking time). Baffled why I am not currently a member in an semi-professional 4 Square league.

2. Red Rover. To clarify that I wasn’t just sitting in here going insane in writing this blog, I asked my girlfriend to weigh in on my personal debate. She put Red Rover at the two slot. Iffy, but I’m not trying to get dumped here, so let me back this up. Dangerous game. So dangerous. It’s just kids clotheslining each other. So that’s fun.

3. Capture the Flag. Never met anyone who could say the sentence, “I don’t like playing Capture the Flag”, with a straight face. It’s Tag on steroids.

4. Hopscotch. Just kidding. Awful excuse for a game. Worse than the library.

4. Pin Dodgeball. Pretty sure dodgeball isn’t legal anymore but yolo.

5. 500. I’m 5’7” so I never had any fun with this game but for the people who actually are able to catch the ball it looks fun. Whatever.