December 8, 2022
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Division III sports matter

Some people have asked me why I play a Division III sport. They say it’s kind of like this blog in that no one cares outside of my parents. They ask me why I put in hours and hours for a game that matters as much as that game you play with your grandma all the time. They want to know why a game occupies my mind more than my schoolwork that I’m paying $50,000/year to do.

It’s a hard thing to explain passion to someone. I could type (and have you read) words about that feeling of walking into a packed stadium. What it feels like to fasten that last buckle as you look at 40 of your closest friends doing the same. How once you step on that fake grass, reality goes away and all you have to focus on is playing a game. How though it may seem like sport is strenuous, it really serves as a release — a given amount of time away from all that Facebook drama and #SorryImNotSorry garbage.

I could make the case that Division III sports are where the true athletes lay. D3 athletes are in it for the right reasons — not for money, fame or “chasing the dream” of playing professionally. For fun.

So, watch this video if you don’t feel like doing that tedious copying of your friend’s homework and I promise it’ll be worth your time. Yes, I am biased in that this is a lacrosse video and I play collegiate lacrosse. But, do you think Greg Oden ever had to change out of sweats in a pool?


Note: If anyone feels like helping me produce a documentary like this, let me know. I’m serious. We could do it.