December 8, 2022
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Double Standards

I was reading about black-feminists for a class, and it got me thinking about double standards. There are many double standards in society, around women and men and what not. But one of the biggest in college is one that I partake in everyday.

I had a long Friday night, and Saturday I ended up sleeping a lot of the day. When I went to dinner, I was having trouble eating and did what I usually do on the weekends in the dining hall: make a bed. I pull two to three chairs together and lie on them, then proceed to cover my face with a sweatshirt and sleep until my friends are done eating. I only do it when I physically cannot keep my body up.

“You’re fine,” my friend, Cassie, reassured me. “No one has the right to judge you.”

The next morning, sitting at the same table, Cassie and I saw a boy walking around in a funny way, laughing with his friends.

“He is strange,” Cassie said.

He was, and I judged him. I could tell that he was with his friends and probably looking stupid on purpose for a laugh, but because he wasn’t with me, I judged him.

It’s a complete double standard. I am stupid and do funny things with my friends, but when others do it I get annoyed. We all do it; I’m just admitting it.

There is a group of people that congregate outside of my residence hall and make a lot of noise some nights. I can’t stand them and have, on multiple occasions, yelled at them to be quiet. But I always yell to my friends from my third-floor window when I see them walking by.

I probably can’t write about this for my assignment, but at least it was thought provoking.