December 3, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 41°F


Farewell for the summer

Well here we are at the end of the year, classes officially over and exams less than a week from being done as well. Of course there’s still plenty of sports to watch this summer. The heart of the baseball season, the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals and the last two legs of horse racing’s Triple Crown for starters. Not to mention three of the majors of men’s golf and two of the majors of tennis, not counting the U.S. Open, which will still be going when we get back in September.

There’s the All-Star Game in baseball and the NBA draft. (If you’re as geeky as I am, you might even pay attention to the NHL and MLB drafts as well). By the time the end of August rolls around, we should know what will happen next season with the NFL and NBA. Let’s hope for as much good news as possible there. Hey, there’s even a NASCAR race not far from Ithaca College this summer, over at Watkins Glen.

Whatever sports event you choose to follow, I hope you have fun watching it and have a fun summer in general. Thanks for reading my ramblings about sports for the past four months. I hope they were entertaining.