March 24, 2023
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Flat Out This Is A Boring World Series

I called it when the LCS series were coming to a close. If the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers both advanced to the World Series to play against each other, it would be hands down the most boring Fall Classic in baseball history.

After Games 1 and 2, I rest my case.

The most interesting part of this series was the Cliff Lee against Tim Lincecum aspect. After 4 2/3 innings of Game 1, that went out the door when Lee was shelled for seven runs.

Game 2 was exciting for seven innings, but good baseball lasts for a full nine. The last three innings featured a blowout by the Giants, thus making it as uninteresting as the last half of the first contest.

I’m not going to deny – I’ve gotten a lot of heat for my opinion. People contribute what I think to the fact that my Phillies were defeated by the Giants. They feel that this is an exciting World Series because of the underdog aspect of both squads.

To defend my point, I’m not even going to allude to the fact that both games were down in ratings significantly from last year’s World Series between the Phils and Yankees. Well, maybe I just did. That goes to show that a rematch of Phils against Yanks would’ve been much more interetsing. The storyline would’ve been while New York looks to repeat, the Phils seek revenge.

Even if Philly faces the Rangers, the big controversy is Lee possibly comes back to haunt the Phillies after getting rid of him this past off-season. Lastly, I’m not saying the Phils had to be the only National League team. If the Braves played well enough to advance, there is the Bobby Cox factor of this being his last go around. The Reds are an exciting young team with an awesome lineup.

I’m sorry but the Giants, who are two wins away from a championship, are a boring team. They sport has-been players that are getting hot at the right time. I’ll give people who are against me this though – if the Phils and Yankees were not in the postseason, the San Fran/Texas matchup doesn’t seem as boring.

Yet, what was so close to happening again didn’t and thus the 2010 Fall Classic is a yawner. Having trouble sleeping? Turn on the World Series.