February 6, 2023
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For Thos Who Didn’t Know, Andy Reid is Really a Politician

Point blank fact – Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is a politician. He’s not  a football coach. He’s not a talent evaluator. He’s a back stabbing politician looking to have his own butt and job security.

Following the Eagles 35-32 victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday with then back-up quarterback Michael Vick leading the way. Reid said Kevin Kolb will start against the Jacksonville Jaguars this week and after that.

In fact, about a week earlier on Monday, September 13, Reid said, “Well, let me say again. I know I’m using poor English. Kevin Kolb is the No. 1 quarterback.”

His rude mannerism towards the media was not a surprise. It was expected. He’s just that type of non-personable, boring human being. But, while it was impolite, to most it was a definitive statement that despite Vick’s fine play against Green Bay the day before in Week 1, Kolb would retain his starting spot.

That quote also made us assume that even after Vick played very well against Detroit, Reid would stick to his original plan.

We were mistaken. But, Reid was wrong.

Looking at the other side of the argument, Vick has played exceptionally well, despite against an at the time underachieving Green Bay defense and a weak Detroit team. He’s been elusive. He’s made plays down field. He’s given defenses fits. It’s no secret that right now Vick gives the Eagles a better chance of winning.

Yet, the Eagles didn’t pay Kolb $12 million in the off-season to play only one half. The guy didn’t sit on the bench for three seasons behind Donovan McNabb to play just 30 minutes. Most importantly, the Eagles didn’t trade their franchise quarterback of 11 years in McNabb so Vick could be the starter. They did so Kolb could take over the reigns and start a new era of Eagles football.

Well, since Reid gave Kolb a giant stab wound in the back, that era was very abrupt. According to Reid, the Eagles have embarked on an even newer era – that of Vick.

If I were Reid and the Eagles front office management, I would give Kolb to the middle of the season. Regardless of how the Eagles finish this year, whether it be in first or last of the NFC East, it has to be with Kolb under center. The NFC East is a bad division. Whoever wins it will be an early exit in the playoffs.

Am I telling the Eagles to fold and not give themselves the best chance to win? No. I’m telling them to continue with their investment of Kolb and let him develop with these young players so this team can be exceptional in the future. Otherwise $12 million,  a second-round draft pick and the trading of potentially a Hall of Fame quarterback will go to waste.

Will Reid change his mind again and fix his mess-up? Probably not. But, what else is new?