March 22, 2023
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From small town USA to college

So, how many of you left small towns to attend college and swear that you would never, EVER, return back home? Yeaaahhh, me too. But it turns out that we’re not alone.

A recent article on the Huffington Post claims that small towns are dying off, mostly in the midwest, and college students are to blame. It makes sense. Our generation has been told from an early age to go to college. And if we grew up in small, working class towns, jobs are not easy to come by back home.

There’s nothing for us to go back home to, right? So we move to the big cities and leave our hometowns behind — only to go back to if we fail.

But unfortunately, that leaves small town America into nothing but a ghost town. I’ve seen this firsthand in Scranton. After my friends and I were third, fourth and even fifth generation Scrantonian, we went off to college and swore we’d never come back and live in the houses our great-grandfathers built. And now the Electric City is looking even grayer than usual.

So how many of you are seeing the same things happening in your small towns?