December 8, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F


Giving Blood

I could tell that I had been in a deep sleep. The type you only get those first few days you’re home for winter break, when you feel like you could literally sleep forever.

Then they woke me up asking if I knew where I was.

“Who are you? Yeah, I know where I am. I’m taking a nap, I was dreaming about giving blood, and you woke me up,” I said. In my memory I said it with authoritative attitude, but in reality it was pretty slurred and lame.

“No, Lilly, you did give blood. And you passed out after,” a nurse said.

Oh God, I thought, this is embarrassing.

“Okay, that’s interesting, I’ll go back to my nap now,” I said.

They insisted I stay awake, so I told them to keep talking and I would close my eyes to focus. Not buying it, they kept asking if I was going to throw up.

A man came over with this horribly flaming-orange wheelchair thing, and made me get on it. Only they didn’t even let me stand up on my own. To be honest I couldn’t really move, but the fact they didn’t give me the option was annoying.

I waited for them to step away and get me water before I made my escape. I wasn’t about to lay on the floor with people watching me when I could lie in my comfortable bed. I almost left a note but I couldn’t figure out how to write, “Hey, thanks for everything, but I’m bored and you are kind of annoying, PEACE.”