February 6, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 40°F


Golf Pro

I’d say that every time I work for the Athletic Department at Ithaca College I get a solid story out of it. No matter if I’m chasing balls for field hockey or selling snacks for wrestling, something happens.

This weekend I worked at a golf tournament. I was a “spotter,” and my job entailed finding the ball in the mud and helping locate it in general.

“I’ve watched golf on TV before,” I told the coach. I was trying to make conversation and that is what came out. I immediately regretted the decision.

“So Lilly knows all about golf,” the coach told the rest of the workers. I somehow became a point person for the rules and regulations. Luckily the job was primarily individually done, meaning we stood in various spots throughout the course by ourselves.

It was horribly muddy, and surprisingly or not, I am not a natural at spotting tiny white balls fly through the sky at me. On the off chance I did see the area they landed in, finding them was a whole different matter.

One ball caught me completely off guard when it hit the tree I was at. The first rule I was told was to hide under trees to avoid being hit. This quickly became important.

The day was long and tiring, and my pants and sneakers are disgusting from it. But it was fun, because I got to spend the last hour helping people jump across a river that formed from all the rain in the middle of the course. I saw three people slip and fall in hilarious manners.