March 24, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 35°F



Halloween. Ah, a lovely time of year.

In lower school, we would get dressed up and parade around the gym while the middle school students said things like “they’re so cute,” and “how adorable,” even though they were maybe two years older than us.

In middle school we started dressing up together, and Halloween became a time to exclude people.

In upper school “Mean Girls,” came out and Halloween was for dressing up like sluts.

In College Halloween is an excuse to look absolutely ridiculous and wear that Superman costume you found at the Salvation Army and knew would come in handy eventually.

This weekend I celebrated my second Halloween in college a little differently than my first.  For instance, I didn’t plan out my costume a month in advance. Friday afternoon I had work and no costume. I luckily had a tool belt, dirty tee shirt and hardhat lying around, so I went as a construction worker. That night my friends and I dressed as dominos, only our dots fell off. So we were just girls in black dresses.

Saturday night I dressed as the ocean, pre BP oil spill. Genius, right? I taped fish to my blue dress and my friend and I even used glow sticks as seaweed. Did we win the costume contest? No. Upset and frustrated, we realized that we didn’t even want to win the iPod. We were more interested in the Purity Ice Cream gift card getting raffled away. Is that what college has come to? I just want some ice cream, with out paying for it.