December 9, 2022
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Happy Birthday

There are the friends that you want to hang out with all day every day. Usually those relationships fizzle out after a few weeks, because you both realize that all your other friends need some time, too. That person can either remain a friend or not, and not seeing each other all the time is a good test for that.

High school friends are like this. I have some solid friends from high school that I know will remain my friends forever, because I can go months without seeing them and it’s like clockwork how easily we get back into sync.

Even within college, though, there are those friends. One person in particular, for me, has been a friend since we met in August 2009. Correction, since she pummeled me in the hall way yelling my name in August 2009. I don’t see her a lot, because we’re both busy people, but I know I can trust her and that we’ll always be there for each other.

This girl is mature and responsible and all, yeah, but boy she also knows how to have fun.

It’s a vast misconception that I am outrageous and outgoing.

“I could totally see you having a matching turtle-shell backpack,” my friend told me the other day about the popular video-blogger Jenna Marbles.

Never. I might be kind of loopy and out there, but I get nervous when I have some physical piece of something making me stand out.

For that reason, I would never have the courage to dance in the middle of a group of people I don’t know. Let alone to document it.

This friend of mine, though, always encourages people to give it their best shot and take chances, even if you might get embarrassed in the process. I can’t say that I’m always rushing to sit next to her at concerts, because I am also not someone who stands up and cheers really loudly like she does, but I will always appreciate her for it.

And for that reason, I hope she has an absolutely amazing palindrome-ic birthday this weekend.