June 1, 2023
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Homeward Bound

I’ll freely admit that like everyone else at this point, I’m just counting down the days until Spring Break begins so I can go home. There are obvious reasons for this: not hearing every single conversation my neighbors have because of the paper-thin walls, better food, seeing my family.

But I’m also looking forward to going home because I’m just used to interacting with sports at home in different ways than I do at school.

I’m sure this makes me some kind of freak given the electronic age we live in but I actually like fetching the newspaper in the morning, spreading it out on the floor and reading the sports section of the Buffalo News.

I like sitting on the couch at 11 and watching the day’s sports highlights on the evening news on Channels 2 and 7.

I like sneaking back downstairs after my parents have gone to bed and watching SportsCenter on ESPN.

I like watching Sabres games on MSG without the screen being filled with static or freezing up every five seconds and when I’m in the car during a Sabres game, I like actually being able to hear the game on the radio.

In short, I like doing all these things because I couldn’t really do them the same way if I wasn’t at home.

So what sports-related habits do YOU like to do when you’re at home? Tell us in the comments below. It’s easy, painless and fun.