November 29, 2022
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Installment Nine: Have a PPECS Day!

Having an on-campus job can be daunting—balancing school work with paid work, carving out time for a shift, working with people you don’t know. However, when you’re lucky enough to get a job doing interesting work with great people, it turns out to be a fun and interesting learning experience. This semester I started working at PPECS. For those who aren’t familiar with this acronym, it stands for Park Portable Equipment Checkout and Services, and is the center for checking out and inspecting film and television equipment. At first I was extremely nervous to work at PPECS. As an IMC major, I have no contact with film equipment and can’t tell the difference between a JVC100 and EA50 film camera. Plus, handling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is terrifying—what if I drop or accidentally break a ten thousand dollar lens? However, the amazing people I work with immediately put me at ease. They answer all of my questions (and there are many) and willingly help me when they can tell I am struggling. Above all that, they are just a cool and talented group of people. Even though I am in the Park School, I am not often exposed to TVR and Cinema and Photography majors. IMC keeps me incredibly busy and I miss the opportunities to see what these majors learn and the films they make. I never imagined that in taking this job, I would learn so much about film equipment, lighting, set design, and different directors and films. I’ve learned how to properly examine cameras for mishandling, how to extend a tripod in every direction, and how to navigate the back room of PPECS (trust me, it’s a maze). It goes to show how participating in something outside your major can expand your knowledge in areas never thought possible. Chances to do something so different from what you usually do don’t come around often. However, on a college campus they can be found more readily and can offer a way to learn new things in new ways outside of the classroom.