December 9, 2022
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Ira Glass

I love Ira Glass, the host of the famous radio show, This American Life. I started listening to it when I came to college, after the suggestion of a former English teacher. I subscribe to the free podcast off iTunes, so it automatically downloads every week.

Since I popped my “podcast cherry,” if you will, I have become addicted. I now listen to multiple radio shows, including WNYC’s Radio Lab and Freakonomics. I have even converted my roommate over to the dark-side, as we fall asleep most nights with the sounds of Ira Glass or Jad Abumrad draining out our thoughts.

In one of my production classes, we have to write and host a five-minute talk show, to practice our use of Protools. I took this assignment to mean that I can host my own podcast, which I chose to do on the convenience of sustainability in college.

Despite changing the assignment to fit what I want to do, I cannot be more excited to host a mini-podcast. The only issue is if I want to keep my topic or do one of the many others I have fantasized about suggesting to Ira—if, and when, as meet and become best friends.