November 30, 2022
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Is Netflix expecting ‘Arrested Development’ to bomb?

It was announced this morning that Ben Stiller would be reprising his role on “Arrested Development.” Stiller plays Tony Wonder on the cult comedy, a fellow magician and rival for Gob.

While great news for “Arrested Development” fans, this is just one more celebrity in an already star-studded season. Previously announced guest stars include Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogan and Isla Fisher. Based on star-power alone, one would think that Netflix is trying to make “AD”‘s new season as big as possible.

But it turns out that Netflix might not have long-term plans for the revived show. Earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that he did not “anticipate” ordering future seasons of “Arrested Development.”

Hastings did not give an explicit reason as to why, but he did say that Netflix’s other original programs – like “Hemlock Grove” and the well-received “House of Cards” – were more of a priority for the company.

This still doesn’t tell fans why other seasons may not happen or, if they do, why they’ll have to happen elsewhere. Any company would be lucky to have such a cult favorite on their hands because it ensures viewership, but is Netflix refusing to hold a larger stake in its premiere because they’re expecting the new season to flop?

Not likely. “Arrested Development” has made Netflix one of the buzziest “TV channels” of the year, and people all over the globe are excited to see the episodes.  It’s also been a great launching point for Netflix’s original programming, making the new season an exceptional marketing tool.

There are currently no plans for extra seasons of “Arrested Development” from any party, so it looks like we’ll have to wait and see come May.