December 3, 2022
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It could be worse part 1

Unless you somehow managed to secure one of those coveted dorms under a rock last winter, you’re probably aware that Ithaca College announced the Phoenix, the Flying Squirrel and the Lake Beast as the finalists for the Bombers’ new mascot this week. You also probably know that nobody seems to like the choices. Still, the list of colleges who’ve chosen lamer mascots than ours is long and utterly hilarious so here are five of the best. The next post has five more and feel free to sound off on what you think the mascot should be in the comments below.

1.Artie the Artichoke, Scottsdale Community College (Arizona)-alright, you don’t necessarily expect a community college to come up with the best mascot ever but still…an ARTICHOKE?

2.Purdue Pete, unofficial mascot of Purdue-I’m sure little kids just love this mascot: %image_alt%

(Sorry if that image gives anyone nightmares)

3.Delta State’s unofficial mascot, the Fighting Okra-at least none of our finalists are plants or vegetables.

4.Stanford’s unofficial mascot/the Stanford Marching Band’s official mascot, the Stanford Tree-this type of thing looked cool when I was 6 and eating at Bugaboo Steakhouse. Not so much now. Also, if a search for your school’s mascot on Deadspin produces 35 searches, you’re doing something horribly wrong.

5.Bethany College, the Terrible Swede-the logo’s not bad but seriously, the Terrible Swedes? What, were the Dundering Danes already taken?