January 29, 2023
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It Won’t Happen to Us

I believe that staying healthy on campus also means staying safe and aware. Terrible issues like this, where young women are targets, have become larger problems on college campuses. On September 17th, Lady Gaga released the music video for her new song ‘Til It Happens To You’. The black and white short film shows three different scenarios that girls are likely to find themselves in college.

Last week in my Girlstories seminar class, our professor set up a self- defense class for us. Our review of it the day after proved how innocent a lot of us were, and how necessary something like self defense training is. Even before I attended a 2 hour self defense class in the City, I kind of just knew how to watch out for myself as I grew up in Manhattan. A lot of these girls that grew up in the suburbs are unaware of the dangers outside people pose, until they hear it from a friend or it happens to them.  And although the double standard between boys and girls education on being safe and having fun in college is completely different, it’s all information that needs to be learned.

Things I Have Learned About Staying Safe:

  1. Do not walk alone at night.
  2. Do not walk with headphones in your ears.
  3. As you walk, check to see if there is anyone around every couple of minutes; making sure no one is following you.
  4. It is better to walk down the path that has more people, than is brightly lit.
  5. If someone tries to take your bag or other belongings, give it to them; there is nothing in your bag worth you getting hurt over.

(For more ways to keep safe, watch ‘The Fault in Our Schools’ segment from Jon Stewart on Comedy Central)

Here, the best way we, as young women, can stay healthy on campus is to keep ourselves educated. Whether it be participating in an actual self defense workshop or watching videos online, it is incredibly important that everyone stays aware. The smarter we are, the scarier we are, the less likely anyone is going to try anything; and if they do, we’ll know what to do.