December 7, 2022
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Kevin Kolb Should Start When He Returns

It’s no secret Michael Vick was sensational when he entered the Eagles/Packers game in week one of the NFL. As a matter of fact, he was substantially better than his teammate Kevin Kolb. He was exciting, making plays down field, running for first downs and bringing the Eagles back from a large deficit against a much better team.

Let’s assume Vick, who is starting tomorrow against the Lions, will play tremendously this week and maybe even next week against Jacksonville. Even if he does, it is irrelevant to how the Philadelphia Eagles should handle this quarterback controversy.

Kolb should automatically be reappointed his starting position when he returns to the field, hands down.

Does Vick give the Eagles a better chance to win at the current time? It is an obvious and clear cut yes. However, the Eagles should look at this season as a stepping stone with a lot of young, talented players that will hopefully lead to something great. It’s true that sports is a business and the best players are the ones getting all of the time during games.

But, dumping Kolb at this point after only allowing him to be the full-time starter for one half nullifies the second round draft pick the Eagles made from 2007 and all of the training the Eagles put Kolb through while as a back-up to Donovan McNabb. It makes what you did a total waste of time.

Until Kolb gets the opportunity (key word being opportunity) to stink up the joint again, he is still the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it makes the most sense considering the time you’ve invested in him. One thing is for certain though – the next time Kolb plays he is one mistake away from No. 7 entering the field.

The pressure is on.