October 7, 2022
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Kudus to Sewanee College

As private colleges, including IC, talk about hiking tuition, one liberal arts college is  cutting tuition by 10 percent for students.

Sewanee College in Tennessee will cut its $46,000 tuition bill by 10 percent for students next year. Yes, this is a bold mood for the college — one that hasn’t been tried by any other private liberal arts college — but to me, this shows that the college is actually trying to emphasize with students and families. Private colleges are losing students to state schools and community colleges. Families just can no longer afford to put themselves in so much debt for a private school education.

Sewanee will probably have to rely more on endowments last year and make cuts in other areas. But I think other colleges should watch closely how next year fares out for Sewanee, including Ithaca.