March 31, 2023
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Lay off the Pell Grants, man

I am positive that I’m not the only college student who relies on the Pell Grant to help pay for my education. So, when I saw that the Republicans unveiled a plan that would cut millions from the Pell Grant program, I was pretty annoyed (and then I remembered that in a few short, glorious months, I’ll be done with worrying about financial aid. But I was still upset for everyone else).

Pell Grants have historically been targeted for lower-income students — a great way to give them financial support. But if the Republicans’ spending bill is enacted, 1.7 million students would then be ineligible for the Pell Grant. It would also be the largest cut in student-aid funds in the history of Pell Grants.

If Pell Grants are cut, this could seriously jeopardize college for students — especially those from lower income houses.