March 23, 2023
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Least appreciated position on a sports team

…Short-stick defensive midfielder on a lacrosse team. End of blog.

Just kidding (sort of) — but really what is the position in the sports world that gets the least amount credit for what he/she does for the team?

  • Offensive lineman definitely are up there (in high school they’d be hitting the sleds while I’d be playing catch with the quarterback for a half hour, looked awful).
  • Goalies of any type (however, in shutouts they seemingly get ALL of the credit, for better or worse).
  • Libero in volleyball — only plays defense and normally is a foot shorter than everyone else on the court (digs win volleyball games, but probably just my Little Man Syndrome getting in the way here).
  • Golf caddy (somehow get blamed if the guy swinging the club sucks — if I’m carrying someones stuff for 18 holes and giving them advice I’d at least want some recognition).
  • Wrestlers (that sport is so hard).
  • Swimmers (you dive into a freezing pool at 5am and swim until you feel like drowning, everyday).

I’m sure there are a bunch more that I’m forgetting (ironic…ha), but I’m picking the number one least credited position of all — The Holder. Yeah, I’d hear out an argument for long snapper but I would answer that with, “OK, their job is to throw a football ten yards and they make more than a soldier putting his life on the line for our country,” and shut you up. Holders are punters, quarterbacks, wide receivers — no one specializes in holding. You have to catch a snap, put it down and pray your fingers don’t get blown off by a foot. And if you mess up, you’ve blown the game. A kicker can always blame the holder but a holder can never blame a kicker. When’s the last time you heard, “This guy is a great holder, one of the best”? Never.

PS — I’m still waiting on a Sports Science bit with how much having the laces faced a certain direction affects a kick…