November 30, 2022
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Let them eat cake pops

In the ongoing ice cream vs. cake debate, I will always be a loyal supporter of cake. As someone who is perpetually cold, ice cream just doesn’t do it for me sometimes. Cake, on the other hand, is like dessert’s king of comfort food — delicious. I’m partial to funfetti, myself. Or cheesecake. There are endless types, so it’s hard for me to choose. Anything with chocolate is usually a winner in my book. I could go on.%image_alt%

Anyway, you may have spotted those “cake pops” in Starbucks. Although the concept is not a new one, it has been gaining popularity in the past year or so. Everywhere I go, cake pops seem to be gaining momentum and a space in the bakery case. I cannot deny my love for this trend. Yeah, it may be a little weird to consider buying one for the first time, but don’t be embarrassed of walking around with a cake pop. Like any other normal human being, you just want a scrumptious piece of cake on a stick. Don’t be ashamed! Gone are the days of non-portable foods. Everything is portable these days! Rest in peace, desktop computers, laptops made you less necessary. Same with boomboxes — dying out because of mp3 players. Even pizza has a portable version, my beloved Hot Pocket (ignore that this clause sounds like a term of endearment when taken out of context). And don’t forget PopTarts! Pretty sure I would have starved freshman year without them. And now, whole slices of cake that you cannot take with you in the car without spilling crumbs all over yourself are no longer an issue! The cake pop is the perfect solution. Plus, depending on the skills of the baker, they can be in the shape of adorable animals (I even came across some Angry Bird cake pops earlier on the Internet).

Besides, who doesn’t love food that comes on a stick? Corndogs, popsicles, caramel apples, kebabs and frozen bananas, anyone? Not just food for the fair anymore.