October 5, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 48°F


Man Stuff

Red Bull is known for their contests, which draw big crowds and get their product’s name out there. It’s marketing 101, really. It is also freaking awesome.
Jeff first told me about the “Red Bull Chariot Race” a few weeks ago, and how him and his friends were entering. It is a competition where teams of three race a chariot to win Red Bull. And bragging rights. One person sits on it and the two others are the runners. The team that I knew consisted of Jay, Jeff and Allie G.
Their team name was “The Grinch Who Stole Red Bull,” so the chariot looked like a slay with pizza boxes as the sides of it and two road-bike tires for the wheels.
It was the night before the event, and I went over to Jeff’s house.
“What are you doing tonight?” a text read from Bree.
“Man stuff,” I responded.
“What does that mean?” she said.
“Building a chariot,” I said.
The night pretty much continued on like that. They let me help build it, which was a lot of fun. Later on that night we went to someone’s birthday party.
“What are you wearing?” a friend asked me when I walked in.
“Oh, I didn’t expect to be going out,” I said. I had intended to only be at Jeff’s for an hour or so, so I went in sweatpants and a tee shirt. Well the night took a turn, and the next thing I knew I was at the birthday party in a gray-suit. A “groutfit,” if you will. Also, my sweatpants were covered in stains from building and the grey shirt, it has a Spider Man comic strip on it. To top it off, it was Friday night and I hadn’t showered since around Tuesday. I was clearly trying to dress to impress.
The next evening, when the actual race was, was also the night of Ithacappella’s– Ithaca College’s all male a cappella group– last big concert of the year. I had to leave the race before their team was up so that I didn’t miss the concert, but they ended up winning the entire thing. The tires were incredibly warped, but that’s the price you pay, I guess.