November 30, 2022
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My version of Deadliest Warrior

Breakfast versus late night.

My on-campus job is all into icebreakers. During our kick-off on Sunday, I got the question “What is your favorite meal?”%image_alt%

Obviously, the answer is breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be melded together, served at the same restaurants. But breakfast has high quality establishments like International “We Never Undercook Eggs” House of Pancakes and Waffle “Our Kitchens Are Always Spotless” House dedicated to it. When I was abroad this summer, breakfast meats were in the top three products I missed from good ole’ ‘murica.

But then last night, I faced a conundrum. Late night: better than breakfast? Luckily, last night was breakfast late night, a wonderful fusion of two great things; though I am not a huge fan of the food.

Why is late night competition for the most important meal of the day? For one, you can procrastinate while enjoying a milkshake. But you also get to hop around, say hi to everyone you know who does not live in Emerson Hall or Circles, and eat really terrible in the good way food right up until 11:59 pm. (Most of my friends from home go to University of Maryland College Park or Baltimore County; neither of those two institutions, both much larger than Ithaca College, have a late night dining option. IC for the win!)

So while I will return to breakfast in the future, this week is more for investigation into why the most sent texts by freshmen last week were “What is late night?”, “Where is it?”, and “Is it… gross?”


Despite my typical opposition to buying breakfast at any chains- diners and local digs are the best- this iHop breakfast looks surprisingly good. The kitchen of this Waffle House, however, does not disappoint.