December 9, 2022
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National Signing Day a travesty

I think I’d be having more fun sitting in a Lids store or New Era watching people try on hats than this. I said in one of my last blogs that I cared more about Pretty Little Liars than the Pro Bowl, but now I’d rather be watching a marathon of PLL in a room full of cheerleaders that’s packed to the brim like Christmas Day mass with everyone in the room having contracted the common cold (with no NyQuil).

As I write this, Andrus Peat — ranked the #2 offensive tackle in the country — just placed a Stanford Cardinal hat on his dome. Good for him. Nothing against that. Sweet school. But as I watch this kid peer into the ESPN cameras and immediately get interviewed by Kirk Herbsteit, I can’t help but wonder, what is going on?

Now, Tom Luginbill is breaking down Peat’s pro’s and con’s. Two and a half years ago when I picked my school I went and ate some ice cream. ESPNU has turned National Signing Day into a holiday, a machine, a travesty that’s on television 9am – 7pm today.

I understand they probably bring in massive ratings for the coverage of National Signing Day and I don’t hate that. But I don’t know what’s worse, their programming and profiting off of 17 year old kids (who, oh by the way, can’t make any money off of their brand for four years when suits can) or the fact that we as a culture feed the system and want to watch this stuff.

Mike Smith could be the #1 MLB in the country coming out of high school, but he has his whole life ahead of him. Why is he being glorified as the Next Big Thing out of high school? What if he decides football isn’t for him and he wants to become a doctor? Or if he decides to join a frat and drink for four years? Then, isn’t all this hoopla all for not? I’d like to see how many of the players featured in ESPNU’s programming today actually “pan out” into NFL players. I’m sure someone out there could come up with a stat for that but, again, that’s another problem — I could argue if Mike Smith becomes a doctor in Haiti then he has panned out.

I know these kids have worked their tails off to get to this point. So, hold a private signing in your community that’s been with you the past 17 years if you feel the need to display your big college choice. But Jonny Science didn’t hold a signing for his admittance to Harvard after hitting the books while you were hitting pads, so what makes you any different?

I love football, but I guess it goes to show that football really is >. Where’s this hype for women’s basketball signees or men’s hockey? You’re right, no chance I’m watching those shows. So, why is football so different?

I fully endorse coverage of student-athletes entering the NFL. But, for all this surrounding people who can just barely buy a pack of cigarettes seems very hazy.