December 9, 2022
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Nike’s new NFL jerseys


Is this story even news? If I wrote for the New York Times should I cover Nike’s branding of the NFL? How the whole set up of revealing the jerseys was fueled by PR and after watching SportsCenter I felt like I was watching the unveiling of a flying car?

I’d answer all those questions maybe if it wasn’t 1:19 on Friday and I wasn’t done with class for the week. Also maybe if I wasn’t swamped with homework for my Journalism Ethics class and if talking about ethical dilemmas within journalism didn’t want to make me visit Yack City (I see you Tyga).

Anyway, I’m here to simply voice my opinion on the fashion of the new threads. For those of you who know that orange soda and Kel are two nouns that have profound significance — the swaginess of the jerseys.

Big fan of the new look. You can check them out for yourself here. But, it’s not even that new of a look. There’s padding on the belt line, some new colors here and there, but not a complete overhaul. A lot of people have been hating on Nike’s renovations but I think I know why. These “people” are traditionalist sportswriters who grew up with leather helmets and one-bar facemasks.

I’m thrilled Nike didn’t mess with the classics — the Raiders, Chiefs, Steelers, etc. But with Gregg Williams ruining the NFL’s reputation, the league needed a little spice.

Plus, can you imagine Stevie Johnson rocking a pair of these gloves, personalized to have Darrelle Revis’ face on them?