December 3, 2022
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Our Future Generations

IPads! IPads! An eight, six, and rumor has it their four year old brother, have iPads! Not only do they have them, but they also know how to use them, moving their fingers like their dad is Mike Jobs or someone.

I was picking up a boy I babysit and his two friends from school this past Friday. Their school is the Harvard of Lower Schools. It looks like a college, and 10 year olds are known to have anxiety attacks over incomplete essays and presentations they have to prepare. The kids that come out of this school go on to be robots, I’m not kidding you. They’re all gorgeous, grammar genius lacrosse players who have cotillions and go to amazing colleges. My school was nice, I admit that, but it is nothing compared to this school.

“Do you know what school you’re going to after this one?” I asked the eight year old. “I’m not sure, but I would like to go to Loyola Maryland, Virginia or Duke for college,” he said.

First off, I highly doubt he doesn’t know where he will go to high school, that type of thing is always predetermined. Second, the kid is eight, so what did he know about college?

“You might change your mind. When I was in the sixth grade I wanted to play field-hockey for Georgetown,” I said.

“Do you do that now?” he asked.

“No. I quit field-hockey two years later, and now I go to Ithaca College,” I said.

“I haven’t heard of it. Is it division one in sports?” he asked.

He then told me that he would look it up on his iPad.