November 30, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 38°F


Pancakes Round Two

I attempted pancakes again. My mom went out of town while I was home for spring break. I had to plan to catch the soonest bus back to Ithaca, and be out of Maryland before the dishes needed to be done. But alas, I stayed. A devoted daughter, I even did the dishes.

My feeble attempt at pancakes happened about 20 minutes after she left. I got hungry. They went better than my first try, back in January. This time I had my mom show me, the night before she left.

“First some pancake mix,” she said, “then some apple sauce,” she added. Side note- I use applesauce instead of egg.

“What does ‘some’ mean?” I asked.

“You know, some,” she said.

“I’m so over cooking,” I said, giving up.

My mom is the best teacher I’ve ever had. And it was in math, an area of precision. But really, mom, “some,” what does that mean?

I ended up figuring it out. I poured the pancakes onto the skillet and let them burn. Then flipped them over and barely cooked the other side. This way, I figured I could pull a Hannah Montana and have the best of both worlds. It worked out similar to Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus’s career. It was bumpy, and more people didn’t like it than did, but in the end it didn’t hurt anyone.