December 3, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 41°F



I’m so over Twitter. I didn’t use it except to see who followed me. And I don’t blame only 14 people pretending to check my page for updates; I only sent out four. The first was a test and the most exciting one was about my failed attempt to study in the school library.

It’s just another thing to check up on. And know what else? I’m serious about me gaining life perspective and not relying solely on TV to make decisions. The fact that when my teacher gave us an assignment to think of people we knew who fit different categories and the only people I could think of were characters in TV shows has hit me hard. I need to make a change.

Okay, granted I had this epiphany about 12 seconds ago, and this vast change in my life might be coming along quickly—sound familiar? My last post was about how I rush into things because of TV. But nevertheless, I am ready.

I’m going to watch TV once a week. Okay that’s a lie. But for one week I am going to put off watching TV until the weekend. This is a good week to choose, too, because NBC isn’t having new episodes, so I might be able to succeed. My logic? If I put off watching TV, maybe I’ll pay attention to the world around me and use it to learn a few things.

I’m also going to carry a book with me everywhere I go. This will help me when I start doing something stupid, because hopefully I’ll just start reading. That makes sense, right? Hopefully. If not, it will just help me read more.

Plus Ash Wednesday is coming up. I’m not catholic (or whatever does Lent) but I love lent. And I am still coming up with what to give up, but I’m considering something that will help me with gaining more life perspective.