December 3, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 41°F



Theoretically speaking, if you were to wake up and see a pot on your carpet, how would you react? Probably by trying to move it.

If you tried to, but it did not move—once again, this all being hypothetical—what would your next move be?

If it were to happen to me, this is what I expect I would do:

I would first wonder how it got there. Perhaps someone was making rice, only forgot to use water and almost set the kitchen on fire because they fell asleep. Then, after sprinting out of a smoke-filled room, they ran upstairs and put the pot on the floor.

After I tried to move it and failed, I would look at it a lot. Turn the light on, maybe, and then take a knife to it and try to scrape it.

If this were to happen—which it didn’t, because if it did I would have to tell my RA—I would probably be nervous about the fact that there is a rice pot melted to my carpet. And it’s towards the middle of the floor.

But once again, this never happened. There is not a pot with ashes, which we assume was rice at one point, on my floor. And more importantly, it’s not stuck there because the bottom melted to the carpet. Also, we didn’t try using a knife, dish soap, and hair conditioner to get it up.