February 2, 2023
Ithaca, NY | 14°F


Potential Allergy Label

On “Inside the Actors Studio,” the host, James Lipton, always asks his guests the same questions to close the interviews. One of the questions, “What job would you absolutely never want,” was of particular interest to me this afternoon.

I was washing dishes while watching the show, and found myself deciding that washing dishes would be my least favorite job. I enjoy washing dishes sometimes, when there aren’t a lot. And if there are a lot, I don’t mind doing it if I use an industrial dishwasher. Just ask Maxies Supper Club in Ithaca, NY; I applied to be their dishwasher and used “dishwasher” as one of the three words people would use to describe me. I might have been exaggerating, but I wanted the job.

My younger brother might be allergic to soap. That’s what I’m assuming, anyway, because he never does the dishes. That led me to wonder what life must be like if one is allergic to soap. It would be dirty, that’s certain. What kinds of soap-alternatives are out there? Is it a niche market not yet tapped into? Do I hear a potential career calling?