December 2, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 39°F


Reverse Volcano

I woke up this morning and saw the white light. Not “light,” but “tundra,” which for all intensive purposes is close enough.

Ithaca, NY, for those who don’t know, has been hit with snow. It’s not that much, but it is coming down quickly so it seems like more than normal.

Nothing was plowed when I walked to my 10 a.m. class this morning; the snow pulled a reverse-volcano into my rain boots and soaked my pants. It was exactly the feeling I was hoping to have while taking a test.

I woke up to an email with the subject “SNOW DAY!!” which was from the elementary school I work at, not Ithaca College. Tease. While it would have been nice to not have class, it’s still a break to not have work. Also, the place I volunteer closed early, so that took away my plan to spend the afternoon there. Now I’m here, in my room, with hours to spare. I could go to the gym, but walking around campus has been a sufficient workout today. I could do my homework. Insert awkward silence while I try to think of a good enough reason not to.