November 30, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 41°F


Shocker alert: Happy Valley is happy

It’s okay, you can rest easy. I know you were checking on an hourly basis just wondering when the latest edition of The Extra Point was going to be posted. I’m sorry about my hiatus.

The fact I wasn’t able to sit down at my computer and bang out a 200 word blog post for a week is: A. Sad and B. Legit — I was doing things.

This weekend I visited Penn State University for their Homecoming Weekend. Awesome time, as expected. A shoutout to Canyon Wings and McDonald’s for providing my food over the course of three days, you’re welcome for your business.

But, what I really want to write about here is the aurora surrounding Happy Valley. If you’ve ever driven to State College, Pa then you know what it’s like to drive down 220 South and see Beaver Stadium. “See” is a bad word here — you’re driving down that road with full knowledge your trip is almost over, and as you hit the crest of a small hill, you are presented with a giant monumental stadium practically in your face. Every time I’ve seen that stadium from miles away, I’d have to compare the feeling I get to how an ant feels at a picnic. It’s as if Beaver Stadium is watching over Happy Valley. And, as recent events might (might not, whatever) suggest, it really is.

Everyone I met this weekend was having a blast, as they should be. Let’s put it this way: I met a freshman who enrolled this year carrying the last name of “Saduski” (not kidding) and he was loving Penn State.