October 4, 2022
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Song of the Week: “Vomit”

So we’re trying this new thing out that will help link Sharp Notes with the print format of “The Ithacan!” Have you seen those funky QR codes? These things have been popping up everywhere since smart phones really started catching on. Just scan the code and you are immediately taken to bonus content you wouldn’t actually have on that bulletin board or subway ad. Well, now you can find one in “The Ithacan.” Look below the CD reviews each week and find the QR code. Scan the code and you’ll be taken to Sharp Notes where you can experience the Song of the Week! And, as always, you can still peruse my other posts.

So the inaugural Song of the Week is….”Vomit” by Girls!

“Vomit” involves limited bodily fluids and is six minutes of euphoric majesty that pulls at the listener’s heart. The video is an impulse spender’s nightmare as it features cinematic close-ups of a glossy, red Mustang.