March 20, 2023
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Super Bowl hype


I tried watching 20 minutes of ESPN without some head blabbering words at me about the upcoming Super Bowl. Couldn’t do it. I’d get seduced by Blake Griffin posturizing someone, then right back to Merril Hodge breaking down players he has never met before (I see you, Tim Tebow).

But is all the hype a bad thing? I know I won’t get any comments on here, but if I did I’d wonder if y’all enjoyed the onslaught on Super Bowl coverage and breakdowns. Personally, I could deal with a full days worth of coverage on Sunday and that’s it. For two straight weeks I’ve been hearing about the Grankle, Eli’s Manning Face and how this game is going to be the game to end all games. I’d rather watch The Sports Reporters on mute.

Now I could be biased because since I am a Steelers fan and I’m rooting for a tie, but seriously enough of the X’s and O’s. You can only predict so much. I don’t even like “experts” predicting the score like it should be written in my history textbook. Unless you’ve Leo DiCaprio-ed Bill Belichick’s dreams, you have no idea.

All that being said, Patriots 24 Giants 14. Enjoy the day, it’s the last football we’ll get for six months.