March 22, 2023
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Thanksgiving, Part One

“Oh, I suppose you’re making two apple pies?” I asked my mom. I was just passing through the kitchen, but couldn’t help notice the apple pie sitting there.

“No, why?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, we’re having that vegan pumpkin pie, I forgot,” I said as I went down the steps.

On the way back up my mom stopped me.

“You know, that’s fake egg,” she said.

On the top of apple pie you “paint” egg on it, to add a glossy affect I guess. If you don’t do that, then the pie is vegan, but if you do, then it’s not. So we normally just don’t put the egg on top, only my mom forgot this year.

In a half earnest attempt to make things right, she told me that it was fake egg.

Looking from the cracked eggs by the sink to the cup of beated eggs next to the pie to the pie itself back to my mom; I simply told her that I am not upset at all, but I would appreciate it if she didn’t lie to me.

Fake eggs are a joke. It’s a powder that when mixed with water looks like mozzarella cheese, only transparent. You aren’t supposed to eat it plain, it’s for baking and stuff. My mom is a saint in the fact that she makes so much vegan food on Thanksgiving for me, but to try and con me into the egg-coated pie, it was an amateur move.