March 26, 2023
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That time beer saved my life

I’ve always been a little bit afraid of vodka. I typically only drink it with Red Bull (because I like to live on the edge) or when life affords me no other choice. But in the Czech Republic this week, bootleg vodka and rum tainted with methanol has become a serious threat, with some suspect alcohol even turning up in Prague.

Nearly everyone I meet offers the advice, “don’t drink the liquor.” Some have inquired about my health, suspecting that I’m the sort to let my sense of adventure follow wherever moonshine leads. Luckily the majority of my drinking has been limited to the pubs and cafes, and I’ve almost exclusively been ordering whatever beer they have on tap.

That’s right, it’s possible that beer may have actually saved my life. I throw this knowledge in the face of all those who’ve doubted beer and I before.

While there are no current news reports that address the impact of the scare on liquor sales, I suspect more weary partygoers may turn to the warm comforts of beer until the state of the Czech Republic’s liquor is secured.