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Spotlight on student thesis films and their creators

Spotlight on student thesis films and their creators

April 4, 2024

Senior Adylise Nicholas - "Kalopsia" “Kalopsia” is a film visually showcasing my entire college experience on an old Sony video camera. I started recording footage because with my mental health...

The art school: Students musings on art courses offered on campus

The art school: Students’ musings on art courses offered on campus

April 4, 2024

Senior Amanda Lewis I took Intermediate Painting in Fall 2023 and I loved it! The projects that were assigned challenged me to be creative and go outside my comfort zone. Our final project was one of...

Cornell Cinema is a student-run movie theater on Cornells campus, housing film screenings and special events throughout the year.

Cornell Cinema is a student-run operation

By Nathan Glasser, Staff Writer April 3, 2024
Next to Cornell’s famous slope, there is a secretive theater hidden in the basement of Willard Straight Hall. With its freshly popped popcorn and historic space, this two-story theater is like traveling into the past. Audiences can experience contemporary and classic titles from around the globe all at Cornell Cinema.
Cinemapolis has five screens, whereas other independent movie theaters often have one or two screens, making it possible for them to host a great array of screenings.

Cinemapolis: Films educate community

By Mariana Contreras, Assistant Life and Culture Editor April 3, 2024
Beyond just films, Cinemapolis is a theater that uses art as a medium to enrich Ithaca residents' lives. Through the theater’s screenings, it exposes the community to independent and international films that might otherwise not reach such an extensive audience. 
Senior Margaret Harper, a member of the band Lost Marys, performs her stunning vocals at the second annual Young Blood Discovery Festival at Deep Dive.

Lost Mary’s finds a stage for their living room jams

By Noa Ran-Ressler, Investigative Editor April 3, 2024
Lost Mary’s band, made up of Ithaca College students, includes senior Margaret Harper, sophomore Zach Ryan, sophomore Chris Tassone and juniors Gerard Allen and Morrison Powell. The group formed in Fall 2023, and it is mostly a cover band but has some original songs that they play occasionally.
Jake Edelstein, Carson Mrozinski,
George Bailey and Ashlynn Rose, known as the band Life on Vibrant, jam out at Deep Dive at the Punk Rock Happy Hour, providing more Indie Eruption.

Life on Vibrant explores the genre of ‘Indie Eruption’

By Jacquelyn Reaves, Newsletter editor April 3, 2024
With Ithaca College hosting more than several student bands, Life on Vibrant distinguishes itself with its unique genre, self-characterized as "indie eruption." The band has four members, including sophomores Carson Mroz, the lead singer, Ashlynn Rose on lead guitar, George Bailey on drums and first-year student Jake Edelstein on bass guitar. The band manages to blend the unique tastes of all the members, resulting in an artistic flair that resonates with audiences across the campus.
The State Theatre of Ithaca, located on W. State Street, is a gorgeous, historic entertainment venue that has the ability to seat 1,600 guests and features an array of different performances throughout the year.

Improved experiences at State Theatre

By Georgie Gassaro, Staff Writer April 3, 2024
Staff writer Georgie Gassaro spoke with Levine to examine the evolution of the theater’s offerings, how the theater fits into the entertainment culture of Ithaca, as well as elements of its standout architectural makeup. 
The Hangar Theatre is located just a short walk from Cayuga Lake and has the ability to hold 364 guests during its array of performances.

Theater, theatres and theatrics galore across Ithaca

By Kaeleigh Banda, Assistant Photo Editor April 3, 2024
Assistant Photo Editor Kaeleigh Banda dives into four of Ithaca's local theaters.
Will Hutnick stands with his new solo exhibition, Changing Faster than the Weather, on display in Whalens School of Music.

New mural in Whalen’s School of Music

By Bec Legato, Contributing Writer April 3, 2024
Will Hutnick, a Connecticut-based artist who deals in the abstract and uses atypical mediums, had an artist talk for his new solo exhibition, “Changing Faster than the Weather,” on March 26. Hutnick was able to collaborate with several art students to produce a mural the weekend prior, which is now on display on the third floor of Whalen’s School of Music.
The three permanent collections are located in the first, second and fifth floors of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, displaying works of different periods from all over the world.

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum: A taste of the cultures

By Sammie Macaranas, Staff Writer April 3, 2024
Located in the art quad of Cornell University, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art is a free art museum that features art from a multitude of artists. The museum opened in 1973 as a free of charge museum where students and residents alike could experience art pieces from across the globe. It is a place that serves its community by exposing them to different cultures through the art that they exhibit.
The perfect pairings of music and drinks

The perfect pairings of music and drinks

By Emma Kersting, Podcast Editor April 3, 2024
Podcast Editor Emma Kersting pairs Ithaca's live music venues with drinks from their locations.
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