November 28, 2022
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The Extra Point is back with a Super Bowl prediction

Haven’t blogged in a while and, honestly, I’ve missed this venting space. Tons of things happened in the sporting world while I was gone. People realized cycling is synonymous with drugs; people realized it’s hard to date a significant other if you’ve never met; and people realized that maybe they need to start looking at those deer heads on their walls in a whole new light.

So, things are happening that need to be talked about and will be talked about in this space.

But, since I’m trying to become someone who writes about sports, I’m obliged to be taken captive by Super Bowl weekend. Ray Lewis Ray Lewis Ray Lewis. Colin Kaepernick Harbaugh Harbaugh BROTHERS Flacco Ed Reed Ray Rice Randy Moss? Send me my paycheck.

Anyway, aside from gay rights getting some press from the Super Bowl pedestal, the other NBD story is that Bernard Pollard must’ve read my blog from November 26. So that’s cool, thanks BP.

I guess we should enjoy this thing before it’s gone. Niners 27 Ravens 17.